Transformational Coaching shines light on the illusions that keep us stuck in a world of our own creation.

- Nick Bolton

What is Transformational Coaching?


Transformational coaching has really enabled me to bring all of my practices together to support my clients in not only working through fears and blocks, but also in taking inspired action towards their goals.

Coming from a therapy background I do believe that therapy is important and necessary to help heal the past, but I really felt there was something missing for me in terms of being able to support my clients in making positive changes in their lives.


What is the difference between therapy, coaching and transformational coaching?

  • Therapy is great for helping to heal and move on from the past.

  • Coaching helps look towards the future and take action towards your goals.

  • Transformational Coaching helps you to get to the root cause of any blocks holding you back while also supporting you in taking inspired action towards your goals.

How does Transformational coaching work?

Using a number of different coaching techniques from the worlds of psychology, somatics, NLP and CBT; Transformational Coaching works on a number of different levels including:

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Conscious

  • Subconscious

  • Energetic

Compared to other coaching methods which are more surface level, the work I do is deep rooted and therefore supports sustainable and long lasting change. It is also about strengthening what does work while empowering you to create the life you want to live.

I work with my clients in a programme specifically tailored to their needs. I also only work with a limited amount of  clients at a time to ensure they receive my full attention.

I offer free consultations so we can decide whether it makes sense to work together.


Do I need Transformational Coaching?

No, actually you don't need it. You don't need therapy or coaching as you have everything you need within you.

The problem we often face in life is that years of conditioning has prevented us from seeing this. Feelings of not feeling good enough, fear of failure and fear of rejection are all too common in stopping us from achieving our goals and living our true purpose in life. 

How can Transformational coaching help me?

Having gone through this work myself, I can honestly say that I think everyone could benefit from transformational coaching in some way. Whatever area of your life you decide to work on, whether that’s self-development, business or relationships, this work will transform all areas of your life.

Transformational coaching will help you to :

  • work through blocks that are holding you back or keeping you stuck

  • strip away conditioning and limiting beliefs

  • empower you to step into your full potential

  • use your strengths to support your growth

  • create sustainable change from the inside out

I am not here to fix you, I am here to help you rediscover yourself.